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And thus comes to a close our monthly Contest With No Point! And our winner is wtfsad! YAAAAAY!!! She suggested I do a (really really really really) crap paint drawing, so...

For that, you get
thisCollapse )

Our Loser is angrykeebler, with a totally loserish pathetic total of -100000003812398179382791873928718392179!

Yes, you heard that number rightCollapse )

And you get something really special. That will be shown later.
Supernatural by <lj user="wickedgrdn">


wtfsad suggested that we keep a point system with crappy nothing prizes at the end of each month, and I thought it'd be fun since we have nothing else to do.

So here it is!

All of you get 1000000 points for joining, and an extra 1000000 for being in the ZaphodXTrillian community. YAY! wtfsad gets 500000 more points for suggesting the points and being the first to join.

AND angrykeebler GETS -1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 FOR IMMEDIATELY POSTING FAGGOTRY IN HERE!!!