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This is a (crazy, long-lost) sister community to zaphodxtrillian. Together we are the lone forces of CANON against the multitudes of horrible movies and even more horrible slash pairings. But evil shall not triumph, no. CANON WILL!

With that inspiring speech out of the way, hello! This is a community for ArthurXFenchurch fans. Yes, I know the community's called ArthurXFenny, and I know Fenchurch hated the name Fenny, but the rules of livejournal bind me, and "ArthurXFenchurc" just doesn't have the same oomph really. And Arthur Fenchurch sounds like he married her and took her name. Her first name. WTF LAWL. Damn you, letter limit!

Enough babbling. Here are some rules.
1) No faggotry
2) No Trillian
3) Especially no MOVIE!Trillian
4) Uh, you must like ArthurXFenchurch
5) You get virtual bonus points for liking ZaphodXTrillian and joining the other community makes you whole. Yeeeees it does.

Oh, and you'll have to live with the crappy icon 'til someone makes me a nicer one. XD

Uh, that's it. Everybody join and post fanfic/fanart/icons/whatever, because I got nothing. NOTHING!